Where Are They Now? The 2022 Chairman’s Plate Runners

Miniature Man
Miniature Man

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Quickgallop.com evaluates the 12 starters from the 2022 Chairman’s Plate, a nine furlongs and 25 yards Overnight Allowance race, to discover their current status.

The 2023 Chairman’s Plate takes place on Mouttet Mile Race Day, Saturday, December 2, 2023, at Caymanas Park.

The evaluation proceeds in finishing order.

FIRST – MINIATURE MAN: Consistently earning in both Overnight Allowance and Open Allowance without fully securing a top-grade position. Defending his crown remains a possibility in five days' time.

SECOND – LURE OF LUCY: Hindered by injuries resulting in limited participation. Ran exceptionally well in the Chairman’s Plate but lost to stablemate Miniature Man. Breeding opportunities lie ahead for Lure of Lucy.

THIRD – BRINKS: Showed promise in the three-year-old Classic races before facing older horses and holding his own. Struggling to progress beyond Overnight Allowance since then and has recently changed stables.

FOURTH - POSITIVE ID: Putting forth his best efforts in Overnight races but with limited success.

FIFTH: HOVER CRAFT: Retired after years of distinguished performance, now honoured with a race named after him.

SIXTH - SWEET MAJESTY: Continues racing in Overnight Allowance with moderate success.

SEVENTH – PRINCE MARSHALL: Seldom seen in competitive racing nowadays.

EIGHTH – D HEAD CORNERSTONE: A resilient competitor with limitations but consistently earning for his connections.

NINTH – JOHNCROWJEFF: Fluctuates between top claiming and Overnight Allowance; unlikely to see significant improvement at this stage of his career.

TENTH - SIR JOHN: An inconsistent performer primarily within claiming ranks.

ELEVENTH – PERFECT BREW: Initially finished seventh but was disqualified and placed eleventh. Since then, he has made strides by winning in Open Allowance, establishing himself as a notable run-on sprinter.

TWELFTH – CRIMSON: Jockey on Crimson experienced a fall during the first turn. As the horse continues to age, recent performances have been less impactful.



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