Watch Gate Tests By 29 Applicants Vying To Enter Jockeys’ School


Caymanas Park, typically a venue reverberating with the cheers of spectators and the galloping of thoroughbreds, assumed an unusual role on the non-race day of Wednesday, March 27, 2024.

This day, the park thrived not only on competition but also on anticipation, as twenty-nine prospective candidates, flanked by a vibrant crowd of racing professionals and aficionados, embarked on a pivotal journey towards a career in jockeyship.

The candidates, seeking admission to the Jamaica Racing Commission’s Jockeys’ School, convened at the start of the five straight course, not for a race, but to undergo their gate tests.

The Quick Galloper - YouTube Channel was present, and now shares with readers and viewers a part of the activities on the day from various angles.


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