SVREL's Statement Regarding Abandonment of Races 1 & 6 on April 27, 2024


Date: April 27, 2024

SVREL's Statement Regarding Abandonment Of Races 1 & 6 On April 27

Supreme Ventures Racing & Entertainment Limited (SVREL) expresses regret and disappointment at the abandonment of two races during the April 27 race day at Caymanas Park. The decision to abandon these races was made in compliance with the regulations set forth by the Jamaica Racing Commission. All related pools were refunded in accordance with SVREL's Pari-mutuel rules.

During the April 27 race meet two races, race #1 and race #6, were declared abandoned by the stewards of the Jamaica Racing Commission due to delays exceeding the permitted time frame as stipulated by Rule 44(iii).

In race #1, at approximately 12:25 pm, (Post time noon) was delayed due to a saddling issue with horse # 5. Horse #8 was also subject to a mandatory JRC veterinary check by the JRC vet after rearing and falling after exiting the saddling barn.

Later in the race meet, at approximately 3:20 pm, race 6 (post time 3:10) was delayed due to a horse coming loose, and subsequently declared abandoned by the stewards of the Jamaica Racing Commission, in accordance with the aforementioned rule.

The amendments to Rule 44 (iii), which came into effect on April 1, 2024, enforce strict adherence to race start times, with a maximum allowance of five (5) minutes after the published post time. It is notable that Jamaica stands as the only horseracing jurisdiction with such a rule. SVREL notes as well that no consultation was done with us, the sole promoter of horseracing in Jamaica, prior to the enforcement of this rule.

The enforcement of this rule at Caymanas Park can, and today has, caused loss of income for industry stakeholders including owners, trainers, jockeys, grooms, punters and the promoter.

The disruption caused by these abandonments led to unrest among stakeholder groups.

Despite the challenges faced, the race meet resumed with race #7 at approximately 4:00 pm.

SVREL sincerely apologizes to our valued customers and stakeholders for the abandonment of Races 1 and 6 by the Jamaica Racing Commission.  We regret the inconvenience caused by the decision to abandon the races and disruption to the scheduled race meet.

We are ready and available for open dialogue with the Jamaica Racing Commission and all impacted stakeholders to ensure the continued success and integrity of the horseracing industry as a whole.



10 Responses

  1. so unfortunate. The stewards need to have better communication with the promoters or sad to say just leave the industry. how is a rule like that possible. its the worst rules in racing.

    1. Load of bull by caymans park, they must learn to respect time, you don’t see any other horse racing jurisdiction have races being delayed by up to 30 minutes, it’s disgusting and I support this rule….

  2. what a bam bam.. this issue neds immediate attention..all these events are unforseen ..but can be remided with personel and a game plan. king solomon sharpe and his chief aides must gather at the round table and rehash some rules and implement stratigies.

  3. The stewards did communicate I heard this in the US over the PA system last week between every race I which they would stop disrespecting the stakeholders with lies from the top this is a form of disrespect

  4. Their alibis are so lame (1) a horse falling when leaving the saddling barn should automatically be checked by a vet so there would be no need to take it to the gate. (2)Saddling issue problem disqualify the animal. (3) at 12.07 the horses had not yet left the paddock, this was a deliberate action to have the race abandoned. 4. Stop wasting time behind the gate when the horses get there, so if a runner has an issue you will have enough time to make amends. Those excuses for abandoning the races are too farfetched. I say revoke the license of these people.

  5. charles town and mountaineer are two well established tracks that this could not have taken place. i blame the stewards for the flimsy reasons for the none running of those two races, they should be held total responsible.

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