SVREL now offers accumulator betting


KINGSTON, Jamaica – Horse racing promoting company will be offering accumulator or parlay betting as of tomorrow at Caymanas Park and its over 100 Offtrack betting stations islandwide. explains the basic elements of this accumulator betting which has long been a feature of betting in Jamaica.


Betting Pools used for Parlay (ACCUMULATOR) wager
A Parlay bet is limited to Win and Place.  A punter may select a horse to Win, Place or a combination of both Win and Place.
Number of races required for a Parlay (ACCUMULATOR) Wager
When selecting a Parlay (ACCUMULATOR) bet the punter must combine at least two races but not more than six races. The races in a parlay must be in chronological order but do not need to be consecutive races.

  • Please note, that a punter may select multiple horses in one or more legs of a parley bet.

Unit cost for a Parlay (ACCUMULATOR) Wager

  • The unit cost for a Parlay (ACCUMULATOR) wager is $50.00. This amount will increase with the number of selected horses. The first Leg of a Parlay wager will determine the value that the punter will pay for the ticket purchase.
  • Parlay wagers will be added directly to the betting pool that is selected for each leg and will impact on the wagering odds when displayed.

Scratched horse in a Parlay (ACCUMULATOR) Bet

  • If all horses in a middle leg of a Parlay are scratched, that leg is treated as a refund and the total balance is carried over to the next leg.
  • If all horses in the final leg of a Parlay are scratched, the bet pays out the balance heading into the last leg.
  • However, if there are multiple horses and just one scratches, your bet will automatically be redistributed equally between your ‘live’ runners.

Cancellation of a Parlay (ACCUMULATOR) Bet

  • Parlay wagers may be cancelled by the ticket holder in accordance with the Pari-mutuel rules, only before the start of the first parlay leg in which a parlay selection starts.
  • Parlay wagers that are not cancelled prior to the start of the first leg, must be completed or terminated by operation of these rules in order to be entitled to a payout.

Example of a Parlay (ACCUMULATOR) bet
$100 Parlay
Race 1 – Win horse # 3 + 4
Race 2 – Win horse # 1
Race 5 – Win & Place horse # 2
Race 8 – Win & Place horse # 1
If Horse #3 or 4 wins Race 1 and pays $1,000.00 for a $100.00 bet, your bet will automatically roll over to $2,000.00 to Place on horse #1 in Race 2.
If the Win pay-out for your horse in Race 2 is $200.00, your bet will automatically roll to Race 5, where you’ll have $8,000.00 divided in equal amount ($4,000.00) for the Win and Place bets on horse #2.
Since Race 8 is the last leg of your Parlay, your Parlay ‘winnings’ will be the result of the amount bet on horse # 1 for both Win and Place bets.


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