Should Be An Overnight Stroll For Funcaandun

Funcaandun (Photo: TML SPORTS JA)
Funcaandun (Photo: TML SPORTS JA)

KINGSTON, Jamaica -  KINGSTON, Jamaica - On Saturday, April 27, 2024, the second race will be an Overnight Allowance for three-year-old and upwards horses.

The race will cover a distance of one mile and six horses have been nominated to compete for the World Veterinary Day Trophy. However, horse number four, Money Monster, has been declared a late non-starter.

The Quick Galloper has assessed the possible outcome of the race based on draw order.

1 - BABYLIKE, who has been competing in Overnight Allowance for some time and has produced consistent efforts, is expected to finish in second place.

2 - BIG ARGUMENT is entering Overnight Allowance for the first time, which represents the beginning of a new learning curve for this horse.

3 - GILBERT is a regular in this grade but has yet to perform at the required level.

4 - MONEY MONSTER is a late non-starter.

5 - FUNCAANDUN, on the other hand, has won three consecutive races and is now competing in Overnight Allowance. This race is an opportunity for him to accumulate earnings for a possible spot in the December Mouttet Mile. This foreigner has already secured two wins at seven furlongs, and while the distance of a mile is the longest, he's ever attempted, it is expected to be a relatively easy assignment for him.

6 - EAGLE ONE has just returned from a long break, needs much more time.



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