Weight Changes To Race 7 (Sat, May 4, 2024) After Appeal


KINGSTON, Jamaica - The weights allotted to the six horses nominated to race in the seventh race on Saturday, May 4, 2024, the five-furlong straight, Reggae Trophy, a Grade One call, have been officially changed.

The changes were made following an appeal by trainer Peter -John Parsard to the Jamaica Racing Commission, which was heard today (Friday, May 3). Parsard conditions two horses in the event, Bootylicious, and Neo Star.

The original weight allotments were as follows - please remember that the top weight in any race is 126 lbs, and 101 lbs as the lowest weight.

A Gift From Ben         - (92 lbs) 101 lbs

Bootylicious                - (88 lbs) 101 lbs

Yellowstone                 - (96) 101 lbs

Taurus Boy                  - (82) 101 lbs

Is That A Fact              - 108 lbs

Neo Star                       - (88 lbs) 101 lbs

The new weight allotments have been adjusted upwards by 18 lbs, and are as follows.

A Gift From Ben         - 110 lbs

Bootylicious                - 106

Yellowstone                 - 114 lbs

Taurus Boy                  - 106 lbs

Is That A Fact              - 126 lbs

Neo Star                       - 101 lbs


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