Viewers Comment On Proposed Random Drug Testing Of Jockeys


KINGSTON, Jamaica - Following the posting of the The Quick Galloper’s video on the proposed introduction of random race day drug testing of jockeys, several viewers have given their comments on the issue.

The Quick Galloper shares some of these comments.

user-oe2ki4nx6p - This man no not in all bout what he say in.

@sheriannward8514 - Sensitization and awareness is a good move before implementation of this new initiative.

@kisaniewilliams912 - Good job JRC

@briggyrowe4373 - I agree wholeheartedly, clean sport wi say!

@daverobinson9717 - My company does it once u driving company truck they just pick a tech.

@michaelnembhard7698 - Riding under influence can make jockey brave and take chance to the which under normal circumstances they would not have taken so if that is introduce it will be safer for jockey.

@evertonbriscoe4991 - When a jockey who is a profession in his riding, he does not need any ganja nor hard drugs to do pure none sense in the race. All he or she need to do exercise, vitamins and balance diet full of energy to rock horse to victory.

@michaell3711 - Not a problem with this.... Of course, others will, especially those who support a LAWLESS society.

@garymcintosh3957 - I man Hope dem no include ganja/weed in a dem testing, because weed is Not a hard drug.

@andrebyfield8409 - Weed is legal in Jamaica so you guys must not test for weed your test for hard jugs cause in New York in the state it’s illegal so they don’t test for weed they test for our jugs so Jamaican racing just know what your guys are doing because you guys making a lot of money off of these riding school guys










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