Raddesh Roman Hits Another 5-Timer - Gets Closer To Tevin Foster

Tevin Foster (left) and Raddesh Roman
Tevin Foster (left) and Raddesh Roman

It's neck-and-neck in the Jamaican jockey championship! Tevin ‘The Terrific’ Foster and Raddesh "The Sneaky Fox" Roman are locked in an intense battle, with just over seven months left in the season.

As of May 11, Foster remains on top with 49 wins. However, Roman's impressive five-win performance that same day significantly narrowed the gap to a mere eight wins (previously 11).

Roman's hot streak included victories aboard Kingswood, Crimson, Traveller's Lodge, and Bold Move. He capped it off with an upset in the prestigious $1.25 million Yvonne Mattis Cup. Guiding Justin Biden to a surprise 11-1 win, Roman cemented his commitment to hard work and securing quality rides for the future.

While Roman dominated, Foster didn't go down without a fight. His wins with Flybluejet and Teflon Don kept the competition exciting.

With the season far from over, the jockey championship promises

to be a nail-biter. Both jockeys are determined, and every race day will be crucial!



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