Race 6 (Sat, April 27, 2024) Officially Abandoned


KINGSTON, Jamaica - The sixth race of ten listed to be contested on Saturday, April 27, 2024, has been officially abandoned.

This is now the second race to abandoned on the day. Race one was also abandoned.


3 Responses

  1. It's a big disgrace what the promoters are doing, the government should revoke their license immediately.

  2. As a new owner I agree with everything the Stewart are doing I watch races at almost every track in the US , Europe, Middle East and some unknown places and Jamaica is the only track I see horses walking behind the starting gate up to 15 minutes past post time, I watched George interview on quick gallop and he mentioned about the tardiness at the stating gate and this took a while for some action
    Also why are the horses and tractors on the racing surface at the some time? I assumed the personal responsible are waiting for something tragic to happen to jockey and horse before this practice is stop and I can say the same thing about the assistance starters vehicle rushing to the gate while the horses are on the track all these indiscipline functions starts at the top and fine it way down to as far as the groomsmen and yet we complain about out of control society
    The bottom line is owners horses are being destroyed for the trump change purse money especially when lasik is administered which is almost every horses

  3. Great job by the stewards. Why the hell are horses being paraded at starting gate for minutes before a race.once u arrive at the gate loading shud begin and get on with the races. Horses shud be examined in the paddock by the the vets in charge. Not at the gate. Well done stewards. I think this practice is by the promoters to get more monies wagered on races that’s why they delay the start of races.

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