Jockeys’ School Orientation On Wed, April 24, 2024


KINGSTON, Jamica - The Jamaica Racing Commission’s 2024 Jockeys’ School begins in earnest on Wednesday, April 24, with the orientation process scheduled to take place at Caymanas Park.

Twenty-nine prospective jockeys went through personal interviews, a written test, and then the gate test.

The original list of 29 was first shortened to 27. Then a final list of 25 was accepted by the Commission. understands that of the 25 applicants chosen to enter the Jockeys’ School, 19 have paid their fees of $500,000, in part of in full. It is further understood that the remaining six chosen have until next Tuesday, April 23, to pay their fees either in full or in half.


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  1. i hope these aspirants do well in this endeavour because its a rough sport,i dont know who are the jockey school trainers ,but please focus on the riding stance,i see too many jockeys standing tall down the backstretch, instead of a low crouch to avoid wind resistance..i guess a bad habit that is used by many prominent jockeys.

  2. I wish to be inform by the relevant authorities if the Jamaica Racing Commission Jockey Training School will be providing the student or Jockey's graduates a Bachelor or Masters Degree upon the completion of the said six month traing course, that would allowed them to access other professional career whem your so call horse racing system will fail 85% of the graduates.

    In my humble oponion or view point, such degree is impossible to be offer by the JRC. How can a six month training course for An apprentice Jockey cost $500,000 Ja dollars equivalent to approximately $3,300 US when the mentioned above degree program are available from $3000US in two to three years.

    Jamaica Racing Commission, where in the world in the horse racing industry it cost a young man or a young woman who aspire to be a jockey paid a cost of approx $3300US at a jockey training school. J R C your action unreasonable and morally wrong. This is obvious, another exploitation of a vulnurable group of jockeys and apprentices that you are using to enhance JRC revenue or income flow. This action is to the detriment of young jamaican who are lacking sufficient money or funds to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in society. Where these individual to access $500,000 when majoriety of your current jockey's earn less than Jamaica minimum wage.

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