Jockey Richard Mairs says a change of agent did the trick

Jockey Richard Mairs
Jockey Richard Mairs

Jockey Richard Mairs recently became the champion rider at Assiniboia Downs racetrack in Winnipeg, Canada.

Moving to the Canadian racing circuit for the past four seasons this became the breakthrough year for Mairs, with championship honours after riding 51 winners for the 2019 racing season.

By so doing Mairs has now become the second jockey, apprenticed by trainer Welsh Soutar, who has attained the stellar heights of becoming a champion jockey. Current Jamaica champion jockey, Anthony Thomas also received his functional and fundamental granulation at the stables of Soutar.

Mairs said:  “I’ve had a good year so far as I won the leading riders’ title with 51 wins and I thought that was good, as it is the most I have ever won in a season,” Mairs said.

In the four years there, Mairs has won 111 races from 819 rides, with earnings of CAN$917,233.

“It is 111 in total in Canada with Magic De Oro being the best horse I have ridden there — but he died on the track during the race. I was riding him in a Stakes race and he collapsed and died,” Mairs said, bemoaning the incident.

When asked about his first year after arrival Mairs responded, “It went very well but not the very best as I thought that I could have done better, as the agent I had at the time favoured the riders he had before.

“So, paying attention to my attachment was more of a back burner consideration. This season I changed my agent and that was it, and the breakthrough came. At present, I ride for the leading trainer at Assiniboia Downs, Tom Gardipy Jr,” Mairs informed.


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