Fitzgerald Richards, Gary Subratie on Riding Aspirants: ‘An Encouraging Lot’

Leading rider in 2024, Tevin Foster (right) assisting one of the aspiring riders to mount-up for the gate test.
Leading rider in 2024, Tevin Foster (right) assisting one of the aspiring riders to mount-up for the gate test.

KINGSTON, Jamaica - Today, March 27, witnessed the gate test at Caymanas Park, where twenty-nine eager candidates showcased their skills, vying for a spot in the upcoming session of the Jamaica Racing Commission’s Jockeys’ School.

Amidst the onlookers were two distinguished trainers Fitzgerald ‘Treaddie’ Richards and Gary Subratie, both of whom lent their seasoned eyes to the day’s proceedings.

In the aftermath of the test, the team from captured the insights of the two trainers.

Richards, with a keen eye on the proceedings, shared an optimistic view of the prospects. “What I saw this morning was a fairly good batch of youngsters. Many looked good when they came out of the starting gates," he remarked.

His attention to detail did not stop there, as he further observed the aspirants' eager demeanour. "I looked closely at these young riders, and what I saw was a hopeful set, wanting to embark on a career as jockeys. Many are already showing promise, which is good for horse racing in general," he explained.

Richards, who serves as a mentor to one of the candidates, noted a particularly encouraging sign: “What was pleasing for me, is that many of those taking the test this morning are of the weight, which if they get through the school, will be an asset in the future.”

Subratie, exercising a more measured approach, acknowledged the potential he witnessed. “This seems to be a good lot of riders. Many of them have been exercising horses in the mornings, which is always a good start for them,” he stated.

As a mentor to one of the hopefuls, Subratie conveyed a tempered optimism. “Many of the cohort present did well this morning, it was an encouraging start. Only time will tell how far they will go, but I certainly wish them all the best in their endeavours,” he added.

The event served not only as a test of ability but also as a promising glimpse into the future of horse racing in Jamaica, with hopefully, new talents emerging at the starting gates.




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