Digital Timing Becomes A Reality At Caymanas Park | Watch Test Video

A part of the Gmax digital timing system being put in place at Caymanas Park.
A part of the Gmax digital timing system being put in place at Caymanas Park.


KINGSTON, Jamaica - Caymanas Park will become the first race track in the English-speaking Caribbean region to utilize digital timing, when the system is officially launched on 1000 Guineas Day, Saturday, June 1, 2024.

“This digital timing system is a long time in coming. We have been testing the system over multiple race days, and the time has now come for us at the promoting company (Supreme Ventures Racing and Entertainment Limited {SVREL}) to go public with it,” Vice President of Operations at SVREL, Chris Wills told

Asked whether or not the new digital timing system will replace the present stock of employees who clock races manually.

“The new digital timing system will become the primary clocking tool we employ, but the clockers we currently have will still be clocking. In other words, they will now be in place as the backup to the digital timing system,” Wills said.

He then explained the value of the system in modernizing the racing product offered by SVREL.

“Digital timing refers to the use of electronic devices and technology to accurately measure and record time.

“Instead of relying on manual timing methods such as stopwatches, digital timing systems use sensors, transmitters, and receivers to capture precise time data.

“We are using the Gmax Race system which is by far the most widely deployed thoroughbred race tracking system across the world.

“The Gmax system uses the latest sensors and wireless technologies that will in essence deliver significantly better insights into the performance of horses.

“So, the key advantages of the Gmax digital timing system are data management, automation, accuracy, efficiency, flexibility, and reliability,” Wills shared with this website.

The video below gives a preview of how the new digital timing system will work.




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  1. all we need now is some hi-de cameras and ting..just like our neighbour GULFSTREAM.. I DONT think the MPH ic nessesary

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