Dane Dawkins Holds The Reins In Jockey’s Championship

Dane Dawkins
Dane Dawkins

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The race for the vaunted position of champion jockey involving leader Dane Dawkins and champion Anthony has reached fever pitch.

Dawkins holds the advantage with a four-win lead going into the end of the season’s last four race days.

The leading rider booted home four winners on Saturday (December 17, 2022), with the champion’s response being a solitary winner.

On the nine-race Sunday card, Dawkins led by four, but Thomas started his chase by winning the first race on Silent Cat and then doubled up on Power in the fifth. The Dawkins’ lead had been whittled down to two wins, with only four races left on the day.

Dawkins struck in seventh atop the Patrick Lynch-trained Keturah. Normal Dawkins service was restored in the nightcap, with victory by Whisky trained by Richard Azan. In doing so, Dawkins restored his four-length lead.

Based on the Overnight programme for Saturday, December 24, 2022, which is subject to change, Thomas and Dawkins have the following rides. Again, the statistics below are based on the Overnight.

Race One - No rides for Thomas or Dawkins

Race Two – Thomas rides Sharp Skirt, Dawkins no ride

Race Three – Thomas has no ride, Dawkins rides Bern Notice

Race Four – Thomas is aboard Military Shot, Dawkins no ride

Race Five – Thomas rides Omron and Dawkins JJ Warrior

Race Six – Thomas rides Bazinga, Dawkins no ride

Race Seven – Thomas no ride, Dawkins rides Print Quality

Race Eight – Thomas is booked on two horses Prince Sanjay, and Funometer, while Dawkins saddles up on Unruly Duke.

Race Nine – Thomas partners Talona, with Dawkins, booked on Freedom Street and Slammer.

Whatever happens on Saturday, racegoers are in for an intriguing day.



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