LIFETIME NARRATIVE: Trainer Gary Subratie and its YouTube Channel - The Quick Galloper embark on a journey into the life and legacy of a giant in the Jamaican horse racing industry – Gary Subratie. Gary Subratie story is one woven from passion, dedication, and an unwavering connection to the magnificent creatures that thunder down the track. Born and raised […]

LIFETIME NARRATIVE: Dr Jason Wright Shares His Story, Lasix Insights

Dr Jason Wright in this Lifetime Narrative by and its YouTube Channel - The Quick Galloper offers a glimpse into his career and his perspective on the use of Lasix in horses. Dr Wright's insights into the use of Lasix are a valuable contribution to the conversation surrounding equine health and performance enhancement practices. […]

LIFETIME NARRATIVE - Groom Michael Chambers

Michael Chambers, a seasoned groomer with a lifetime of experience with horses, has dedicated nearly every moment to the art of horse grooming. His journey began with humble beginnings and a deep passion for horses, leading him to develop his skills and techniques over the years. Through challenges and triumphs in the competitive horse racing […]

LIFETIME NARRATIVE: Groom Sylvester Moodie

Sylvester Moodie, a groom with over 30 years of unwavering dedication to the world of horse racing, was recently honoured for his enduring service to the sport. As and its YouTube Channel - The Quick Galloper delve into his Lifetime Narrative, we embark on a journey through the pivotal moments and profound impact of […]

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After A Year Oral Hayden Leads The Way Among New Trainers

KINGSTON, Jamaica - On Thursday, May 12, 2023, the group of 39 trainers officially graduated from the Trainers’ School conducted by the Jamaica Racing Commission. And, by Saturday, May 14, 2023, a number of them had already nominated horses to race. While most of the lot of 39 have saddled at least one horse for […]

Derby Winner Ability Changes Stables

KINGSTON, Jamaica - is reporting that winner of the 2023 Derby Ability has changed stables. Ability has moved from the barn of Patrick Lynch, and is now being conditioned by Fitzgerald Richards.

Three Participants In 2024 Jockeys’ School Asked To Leave

KINGSTON, Jamaica - Three members of the new cohort of 30 in the current Jamaica Racing Commission Jockeys’ School have been expelled from the programme. understands that the three individuals were expelled for disciplinary reasons.

SVREL Calls On Gov’t To Have A Proper Conversation On Racing

KINGSTON, Jamaica - Executive chairman of Supreme Ventures Racing and Entertainment Limited (SVREL), Solomon Sharpe in laying out what he says are the facts behind the abandonment of two races on Saturday, April 27, 2024, has called on the government to sit with racing stakeholders and have a proper conversation about racing. Sharpe, speaking today […]